Frequently Asked Questions


Do you require a contract?
Yes. Our standard rental period is anywhere between 1 day and 28 days. We also offer monthly or long term contracts.

What do you require to execute the contract?
We require a valid driver’s license. We will take a photo copy of your license for our files.

When are the storage payments due?
Unlike other storage facilities, we do not charge every 4 weeks to ensure that a payment calendar is not generated twice for the same month.

Do you have security cameras at your facility?
Yes. We have several security cameras on the property and security gate with thumb print access.

What size Self-Storage units do you offer?
Sizes generally range from 4 x 5 to 12 x 20. Click Here to see a complete list of storage unit sizes.

What are your hours of operation?
We are open Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. Property access for Clients storage units is 24\7.

What are my payment options?
We accept Cash, Master Card, Visa and Interact.

Do I have to supply my own lock?
Yes, you can bring your own security lock.

What if I lose my key, or forget my combination?
Let our office know, and we can arrange to have the lock cut off. The lock will only be cut with approval from the person listed on the lease. We do not allow you to cut the lock off yourself.

Are there certain things I am NOT allowed to store in my unit?
Yes. Unlawful, corrosive, hazardous, flammable, poisonous, perishable or other dangerous substances are prohibited from being stored.

Contact Us for additional questions not covered here.